reia - keygen#0
Mar 24 2024
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꒰ঌ 灰羽 レイア ໒꒱ ~ haibane reia ~ wings first flight taken, a haibane musician by the name of reia leaves old home, to enter the void , a place where wing meets a cat by the name of onyx. mew shows wing new worlds of instruments that work using a concept called "electricity"; a realm of sounds previously unknown to charcoal feather reia. a musical journey begins... haii~! this is wings website, with wings music on it (at least the admittedly few parts of it that are released -- or rather for now, everything here is not really released, and these are all prereleases, and when this page is actually done, the released parts of wings music will appear here)
genres as a concept suck, but if the aesthetic of this website hasnt already made it obvious, wing mainly makes synthwave and chiptune music, although wing is considering using wings instruments, especially bass, in future productions, which would then be considered different genres, such as stoner rock, whatever king gizzard makes, and other genres that genre enjoyes will obviously enjoy (seriously, wing does not care about genres, so just Await)
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small enemy spider

keygen music vol.0



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small enemy spider -- 26:3F

keygen#0 -- 18:3F

second reality (unreial 2) -- 1D:7F

unreial 6 (2x3) -- 16:3F

introchip#1 -- 11:3F

archmage of chaos -- 0D:53

fedivision cover chiptune cover wires cover